Photo Sharing!

There are some amazing new apps and websites out there that make sure you can view ALL the photos from the fabulous wedding!  These sites allow you and your guests to upload photos from phones, cameras, iPads, to one site!  How amazing.  Such a great idea because as much as you want to, you cannot be everywhere on your big day!

Below are some that I have found in a recent internet trawl:

Wedding Snap

This ranges in package prices from $99.00 and up.  It works a bit like Instagram but saves them all to a master album which you can visit or download.

The Wedding Lens

This ranges from $48.00 and up but if you want to download the photos you are looking at $108.00.  This one only allows you to upload via email – perfect for those who do not have tech friendly friends!

See You Then

It is a bit more like Dropbox meets a photosharing site – no specifically designated to weddings but if you are looking for a good gerneral one to start with friends and family, I would check this one out.


I am a sucker for good graphics and this website is just pretty.  The site will allow you to upload and will even present a slideshow that you can have playing at your reception.  They store your photos forever and you can download them anytime.  I love the slideshow idea!  Just think, your friends and family that couldn’t make the big day can now witness it through photos in real time!  The prices range from $29.00 and up.

Please leave a comment if you are thinking of using any of these or have some others that you might use!

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