How to Select the Perfect Wedding Colour Palette

Selecting the perfect colour theme for your wedding can prove to be a tricky business.  There are thousands of colour palettes out there that have what goes well together (and what doesn’t) so how do you narrow it down when you really have no idea?  Here are some helpful tricks:

Check out your house

Seems silly I know, but normally we surround ourselves with colour that we enjoy.  Maybe your new favourite handbag is a bright coral (I know mine is!) or you have a beautiful plant in a pot a divine shade of green.   Start keeping those colours in the storage bank of your wedding mind.

Think about your venue

Yes, it is important to keep your venue in mind.  If your space is covered in browns and golds – hot pink and lime green probably are not going to suit the space.  Try to tone those shades down to dusty pinks and a more sedated colour of green.

Flower shopping

I am not saying to go out and select your favourite bouquet now, but have a look in your local market or flower shop.  What are your eyes drawn to?  Do you love the sunflowers mixed with iris?  Or what about that pale orange dahlia?

Paint chip scavenging

Now that you have a bit of an idea on what you like – head to your local hardware store (a la Bunnings, Masters) and bee line to the paint aisle.  No, I am not saying to decorate your house in your new wedding colours (unless you really want to) but pick up the paint chips that closely resemble the colours you have locked away in your mind.  These paint chips are free (who doesn’t love free) so do not feel like you can only grab one.  If you are on the fence about the colour scheme select what strikes your fancy and work it out when you get home.

Think about your bridal party

You may love bright orange, but your red headed bestie may not look the greatest in that particular hue.  Try to keep your brightest shades to accent colours instead – that way there will not be a distracting bright coloured wall of ladies next to you offsetting your stunning dress.  Think about toning down to a cantaloupe or peach.

Pin away

Yes, Pinterest makes its way into a majority of my posts – apologies, I am an addict; however, you can research all of the colour palettes your bridal heart desires and store them for safe keeping in internet land.  For example, if you are teetering between lavender and sage, peaches and cream, or a jewel toned wedding – pin your ideas and see which you are drawn to after a couple of days.

Get your other half involved

Wedding colours are not the most enthralling thing for the men in the wedding so it is best to go at them with a minimal amount of options instead or the entire colour wheel.  Take your handy new Pinterest board and sit down and ask what he prefers.  Fingers crossed he likes one, but if not, make sure to get some suggestions.  Also make sure to keep in mind what he wants his groomsmen to wear.

Save the colours!

Now that you have selected your perfect colour palette, keep it with you.  The paint chips, the sample fabric from your dress, the sample fabric from your bridesmaids dresses, everything.  It will not take up much room in your bag and it comes in very handy when you meet with your suppliers.  If you go to a meeting and state that you are having a ‘watermelon and navy’ wedding – that still will erupt some confusion.  Remember that the words for colours mean different things to different people and you want to make sure everyone is talking the same language.

Still need a little bit of inspiration?  Check our our Colour Love Pinterest board here.

Happy Planning!


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