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Long gone are the days of the traditional guest book.  Couples looking to add a more personal touches to their wedding are seeking out guest book alternatives.  There are a plethora of options floating around out there in Internet Land so I have compiled a list of some great options.  Have a read and let me know what inspires you!

Wishing Stones

Perfect for a beach wedding, guests can sign your wishing stones and you can keep them in a lovely vase at home or they can decorate your garden.

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Photobooth Guestbook

This is a great option if you are having a photobooth at your wedding – especially because some companies can add this in to the total cost.  It is a great way to keep your silly photos and messages all in one place.

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 Prompt Books

Writers block can happen, even with guest books – providing your guests separate books with ideas for them to write about it a great way to prevent this.  You can have several books with different covers asking “Where Do You See Us in Five Years”, “What is the Best Marital Advice You Received”, or “What are Some Great Places to Visit”? You get the added bonus of advice you can really use.

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 Fill In’s or Mad Libs

Mad Libs provided hours of entertainment for those stuck in cars on long road trips – at lease in the USA (I mentioned this concept to my Australian husband and judging by the blank stares, the Mad Libs craze did not make it across the blue).  The basics behind it is that you take out a few key words and leave them blank leaving a note for them to add a noun, adjective, etc. in that space.  For example, I am so ______ Kristen and Jay are getting married, I could just ________.  It proves for some great reading later on!

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Guest Quilt

If quilting is your thing, there is a guest book option for you!  You can either pre-sew a quilt or have the fabric swatches prepared and guests can write notes directly on the fabric.  Make sure to use pens that will not come of with washing.

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Double Duty Place Cards

You have spent all of that time and energy on your seating chart, why not get double usage from your place cards?  Have a note on your place cards for guests to write you a note on the inside.  TIP:  Tell your caterer, venue, and your handy wedding coordinator, that this is being done so they can be collected.

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Wishing Tree

These are stunning ideas as you can make them out of really anything.  You can hire in actual trees (love this), rent a manzanita branch tree, or a slew of other alternatives – including my super sweet LED tree.  Guests can write notes on tags and hang them on the tree.  This is a great visual to see all the love that is around on your big day.

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If puzzles are your thing, have guests write notes on the back of puzzle pieces.  You can have a blank puzzle or you can have one made with your photo on the front.

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“All those that wander…” can have a pretty fab guest book!  There are so many options to use with maps – destination wedding?  Use a map of the area.  Guests coming from all over?  Use a world map and have them pin where they came from.  Keen travellers?  Use a world map again and ask guests to pin their favourite travel destination.  Want to rounder version?  Globes are great too!

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Frames, Records, Jerseys…

Instead of guests writing notes and names on paper, have them write it on the matting of a photo frame that you can put a great wedding photo.  If you are more of a rocker couple, have guests sign records or guitars.  Super into sport, use your teams jersey as a guest book!

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Anniversary Ideas

Anniversary books are a wonderful as they can double duty as table numbers.  Ask guests “Where Should We Visit on our 10 Year Anniversary” or “Leave Us a Note to Read on Our 2 Year Anniversary.”  They are already on the tables so guests will be more likely to fill them in!

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Still love old faithful?  Provide a guest book with your theme and a matching pen – these are lovely at a traditional wedding.

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Vintage Post Cards

Gorgeous for a vintage theme or those who love to travel.  Have guests select from a range of vintage postcards to write their note and then place it in a stunning vintage suitcase.

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Wishing Cards

Wishing cards can be a range of things, you can have prompts on them or just leave them blank.  Instead of placing them in a nice vase, buy a notebook and place multiple small envelopes and your guests can put them in there!

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The thumbprint guest book is a beautiful option, especially if you want it to be framed and hung on the wall afterwards.  You can make your own or order some lovely prints off Esty.  They can also be part of your theme, including trees and bikes!

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Typewriter Messages

Are you two really into your literature?  Having a vintage typewriter to write your notes generates a fantastic talking point.  Plus, when kids ask “what’s that?” is priceless.

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Hearts to Art

Instead of using wishing cards, use wishing hearts (or butterflies, or anything!) for people to write notes on.  After the wedding, collect them and have them placed in a shadow frame and turn it into a lovely piece of art.

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Washing Line

Who says you need to put your notes in a container?  Set up a washing line with twine and some little clothes pins and ask guests to attach them there!  It gives everyone the chance to read how fabulous you are!

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Want some more ideas?  Check out our Pinterest page of Guest Book Alternatives where all of the above photos are pinned.

Did I miss your favourite?  Leave a message!


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