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Hello all!

I have been a bit slack on the blog updates of late as I have started navigating my way into the big wonderful (and scary) world of motherhood.  Now that Mr. E is almost 6 weeks old, and my lovely family is visiting, I can finally sit down and talk weddings!

Now onto live streaming your wedding….

Technology is a beautiful thing, it brings us closer together when we have to be far apart.  North Queensland is a magical place and it is a hot spot for destination weddings.  Many times, all of your guests cannot make it for some reason or the other but they would still love to see the happy couple on the day and be able to share in the special moments.

You can have a videographer and send them the clips later, or use Skype and get a pretty small picture…or you can live stream!

After speaking with Jenn and Colin from ModVideo on Tuesday, they have started offering a live stream of your wedding.  They even had one recently where there was less than 10 people at the wedding and over 180 watching it online!

What is live streaming you ask?  A special feed is set up over the internet and your ceremony and/or reception is recorded and played live online for your loved ones to view (think live YouTube)!

Check out their website (linked above) if you are interested!

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