L + A Wedding

Today Was a Fairytale…

On 15th June, 2013, a beautiful couple made their love official at St. Mary’s Church in Port Douglas.  Mrs. L has a love of fairytales and even has a cat named Disney.  She met her Prince Charming in Mr. A.  A first date was followed by a chance encounter months later, and the rest is history.

The two of them wanted to have a unique wedding and to spend a relaxed and fun evening with family and friends.  They surprised their guests with a reception at a ‘secret’ spot – The Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas!  Guests were treated to baby crocodiles  pythons, and numerous wild birds.  

We were all too thrilled to help them put their colourful day together and had such an amazing time with a great wedding party!

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Vendor List:

Photography: Showcase Sabin

Ceremony: St. Mary’s by the Sea

Reception: Wildlife Habitat

Celebrant: Chrissy Ratcliffe

Flowers: Online order

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