The Unwanted Gift

The wedding is over and the time comes to open that stack of gifts and rip open those cards to see what lovely gifts have been showered upon your wedded bliss.

Everything from cheques to china has been gifted but then you open one up and say “ugh!  What were they thinking?”

Since the dawn of time, people have been receiving gifts that they would rather not keep.  Remember that beautiful Christmas sweater that Nan sewed for you?  Yep, there are some wedding gifts that are up to that calibre.  But what do you say on your thank you – or to their face, when you get a gift that would have better been left at the store?

Etiquette prevails in this situation.  ALWAYS.

You need to remember that these people went through the process (normally) keeping you and your other half in mind.  Yes, there are plenty of times where a 6 week gym membership is given, but just take it in your stride.

In the event that you get something for your home that is not your style, horribly untasteful, or you just plain don’t like it – you MUST still graciously thank them for the gift.  You do not need to hold on to it, give it to charity and if they ask where their lime green shag rug is the next time they come over, thank them and say that it didn’t suit your home and gave it to a family that would enjoy it for years.

When opening your cards, do remember not to judge the amount of money that people give to you.  It takes a lot for people to attend a wedding, especially a destination wedding.  People can give what they can afford and sometimes, that may only be $20.00.

If you really want to make sure that you will not receive any odd figurines – start a wedding registry.  Our next blog post will give you some options.   Don’t worry about feeling uncomfortable when including the registry information in your invitations, many guests are thrilled as it makes their life easier.

Moral of the story?  Still continue to write those happy thank you cards and genuinely thank the guest for their gift.  Do also make sure not to tell anyone you are disappointed, word gets around quickly and you do not want to be seen as rude.

If you want a glowing example of what not to do, check out this great article from Easy Weddings.

Happy planning!


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