Wedding Registry

Remember when you were a kid a you made your annual list to Santa?  A wedding registry is just like that, only bigger, and slightly different from before…assuming you no longer want Barbie’s and Lego’s.

Wedding registries have taken a bit of a downturn in the last few years and one major reason is that couples have started to feel uneasy about including the information in their invitations.

There is no reason to feel uneasy about a wedding registry!

A registry these days is a God-send to your guests.  They no longer have to spend hours trawling for the perfect gift, they can simply buy it online!  Honestly, people are going to buy you something, or at least send a card so do everyone a favour and at least have some kind of registry set up.

There are plenty of different kinds floating in Internet Land – here are some of my personal favourites.

Wedding Gifts Direct

AKA the everything registry.  Charity donations?  Yep.  Wishing well?  You betcha!  Yellow Lamborghini? Of course!  Seriously, just about everything you have ever thought of is on this registry.

Website link here.

Wishbox Co.

Money, money, money – yep, these guys are all about the dollars.  You can set up a free account and your guests can contribute a minimum of $10.00.  This is a fantastic option if you are saving for something big.

Website link here.

Wedding Cellars

A genius idea in my mind!  For all you wine lovers, you can register for…you guessed it – wine!  If you would like to get into cellaring or want to grow your existing collection, check these guys out.

Website link here.

What We Wish For

If you want to create your own list of gifts, this website is fantastic.  You can include a new sofa, your honeymoon, literally any gift you want!

Website link here.

Not Another Toaster

Want something from everyone?  Not Another Toaster allows you to add gifts from any store, anywhere in Australia.  You can also register for things like home renos and honeymoon experiences.

Website link here.

My Wedding Registry

Honeymoon’s are fantastic, we all know that.  With My Wedding Registry, you have a travel agent do the bookings for you, and your guests can help pay for experiences, travel, and accommodation!

Website link here.

Karma Currency

Want to boost your karma brownie points?  This registry allows you to set up charitable donations for your registry.  Plus, now your guests gifts can be tax deductible!

Website link here.


Happy Planning!


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