Change of Ownership

Today, Cairns Wedding Planner welcomes a new owner and lead planner, the amazingly talented, patient, creative and all around wonderful Kirsty Lisle.

After nearly four years, it is time for me to step aside to focus on my growing (announcement #2!) family and my other business, Hire For Baby – Cairns & Tropical North Queensland

I want to take the opportunity to thank every client, supplier, supporter, my family, and my husband for all of your support and friendship over the years. Being a wedding planner can be a stressful role, but one of the most rewarding I have had. I truly appreciate all the love, advise, and help I have received over the years…thank you!

I have been asked a lot lately if I will miss planning weddings and the thing I think I will miss the most is what I call “The Moment”.

There is a moment before you see a couple wed where you are standing there and it is just you, the bride, and (sometimes) her escort. She looks at you for one last reassuring smile; you take a deep breath with her, fix the veil, adjust the dress, and send her off to her enthusiastic groom to say the most important words that will be shared between them. Every time that moment comes…I get chills.

This incredible business is one that I will cherish for many of years to come, but for now, I will spend some time with my husband watching our two boys, Edsel (2 years) and Sullivan (1 year) create beautiful chaos before we welcome our third addition to the family in January.

Welcome Kirsty to one of the best jobs in the world! After three years of assisting I am sure you are more than ready to take the reins and help create beautiful memories for couples for many years to come!

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I am a creative-type wedding junkie and organizational freak who brought those love affairs together to create Cairns Wedding Planner. I am a lover of gold glitter, polka dots, online shopping, and DIY projects. When I am not dreaming up new projects (much to my husbands distaste) after scouring Pinterest or working at my happy yellow desk, I am running around the house chasing a happy and very active toddler with his baby brother on my hip.

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