Pre-Wedding Fitness Tips

I just returned from oh so windy Sydney to the thawing temps of the tropics after running with 85,000 new besties in City 2 Surf.  After seeing a few running brides (seriously, veil and all!) it got me thinking about pre-wedding fitness.

There are 110,000,000 options that show up in Google when you search for pre wedding fitness and presumably about the same amount of opinions out there.

I’ll give you my ideas (make that now 110,000,001 opinions) but do keep in mind I am by no means a fitness guru and this should not be taken as advice.

Hire a personal trainer if your budget allows

I know they can get expensive but they really will keep you on track to your fitness goals. They can tailor a program for your specific goals and body shape and hold you to account.  Plus, the money that you pay will be a good motivator to get out of bed early in the morning!

Grab a buddy

If you regularly say, “I’ll stop ___ at 3.00pm and then be productive” and you are still doing said thing at 3.25…you need a buddy.  People are more likely to keep to appointments they make with other people than the ones they make with themselves.  So either grab a friend, your fiance, or a willing bridesmaid and get them to join your fitness regime.

Set a goal

I know it is not ground breaking ideals but seriously, find an event in your town or elsewhere around the time of the wedding, like a sprint triathlon, or a 10km run, and sign up! This way, you will have to train regularly which will tone up your lovely muscles for your big day dress.

Don’t focus on the scale

The main reason?  You are going to drive yourself mad.  If you want to seriously lose weight, weigh yourself once a week.  Make sure you keep to the same day and roughly the same time.  Try to make sure that it is not after a meal or after a workout.

Don’t start out too hard

If you decided to start swimming, it is not the best idea to all of a sudden jump off the couch and get in the pool 5 times a week.  You’ll give your muscles quite the shock and more than likely burn yourself out.  Patience and persistence pays off!

Reward yourself

I know…the reward is looking rockin’ in your wedding dress but you need little perks before then.  Treat the outside of your body as well and book yourself a facial or a sea salt scrub and get your mind, body, and skin glowing!


Time for me to be quiet and leave it to the professionals – here are some helpful tid bits from Internet Land.

  • The Knot’s Q&A section with a personal trainer here – it gives some tips on how to realistically achieve your goals
  • MyFitnessPal – amazing site for calorie counting as it keeps you in check.  When you sign in, you have to add everything you have had to eat that day, including the butter on your morning toast.  You do have to be honest with your portion sizes but it will get you to start thinking about what actually goes into your body.  A big bonus?  There is an iPhone app!
  • Workout Ideas from the greats at Body & Soul here
  • Keep in mind, the pre-wedding time is a huge bowl of emotion, even for the most prepared.  There will be times that panic will take over reason so think of fitness as therapy and get those endorphins going!

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