What does a Wedding Planner and Wedding Coordinator do?

We are your human Google and Pinterest for everything weddings.  Your wedding planner is your advisor, confidant, therapist, admin assistant, accountant, mediator, and personal organizer.  In short, we are everything that you need us to be.

Some couples need a helping hand to guide them through the planning.  You have your ideas but don’t know where to go or who to talk to because you are getting bombarded by websites and information.  It is best for you to have a wedding planner to erase all of the noise and listen to you and to provide what you want.  Not only will we be your planner, but we will be there for you on your wedding day to coordinate and manage everything that we planned.

Some couples have this wedding planning thing down and just need a wedding coordinator to manage the day.  This is where we step in and let your parents, your bridesmaid’s, your dad’s sister’s cousin…everyone, and you especially enjoy your wedding day.  This is not a time to be worried if the main is going to get cold while your Best Man is still talking…we’re on it.  Your wedding coordinator will take all of the information that you have on your wedding and transfer that to paper and distribute all the necessary details to your suppliers so everyone is running on the same page.

Do you do custom packages?

Absolutely!  No two weddings are the same so we are happy to tailor a package to suit you.  Let us know your requirements and after a meeting, we will put together a custom proposal.

Do you travel?

Is the sky blue?  Of course!  We do travel all around the region including Cairns, Port Douglas, Cooktown, the Atherton Tablelands, and Mission Beach.  As much as we would love to plan your wedding in Sydney or the Soloman Islands, that is not our area of expertise so best to get hold of a local planner in that area.

What is this “Wedding Kit” you mention?

We work exclusively with online planning software to make sure everything is at your fingertips, all of the time.  The Wedding Kit is a full online planning system which we manage along with you to make sure we are on the same page.  The Wedding Kit includes checklists, budgets, event details, inspiration images (what we’ve narrowed down from Pinterest), budget, calendars, and your itinerary.

Freaking at 4.00am because you aren’t sure if you ordered grandpa’s buttonhole?  Sign on, check out your Florist Event Details, see it is on there, breathe, go back to sleep 🙂

The added bonus?  It is tablet and smartphone friendly.

What do you actually do on our wedding day?

Valid question!  Check out the full details here.

My venue has a wedding coordinator already, why hire another?

Many venues and caterer’s these days have wedding coordinators which is great!  However, these coordinator’s are employed by the venue or caterer and their main priority is not you as the couple.  Bringing in a third party means that you hire us and we work for you.  This has great advantages because we then work with you and all of your suppliers to make sure your full day runs smoothly.

Can you help with the little things?

There are so many aspects to a wedding, we can help with it all.  For example, we have assisted our couples with the below and more:

  • Budget creation and payment management
  • Bomboniere sourcing
  • Wedding styling
  • DIY projects
  • Decor sourcing

What is your turn-around time on emails?

Maximum of 48 hours unless we are on holidays and then it is extended to 72 hours.

Why do we need to schedule an appointment for phone and Skype meetings?

Simply, we want you to have our full attention.

We need you, what do we do?

Woo hoo!  Drop us an email with some basic information about your wedding and from there we will set up a phone meeting or a face to face meeting if you live in the region.  After our chat, we will create a proposal and send it off to you for your perusal.  We know that you don’t instantly read your emails so we will touch base in a week to see if you have any questions or want to confirm your booking.

If you want to confirm – YEAH! – we send out an e-contract and invoice for your 20% deposit and let the fun begin!

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