Love Letters

Claudette Good from Cairns Wedding Planner was great. She really helped us plan a great weddingKylie-+-Hayden-2 even though we live in Karratha, Western Australia. She’s great at responding to emails or phone calls and is very good at what she does. We would have had a seriously hard time keeping things together without her. Even though she had other weddings to plan and organise we always felt like we had her all to ourselves. She’s a really great person and truly cares about making it the best wedding possible. I would recommend Claudette to anyone, she does a great job!

– Kylie & Hayden Schilling – Married 30th July 2014 in Port Douglas

“I believe that the money spent on our wedding planner Claudette was the best investment made at our wedding. Initially, I was worried about planning a wedding from so far away, but the knowledge, experience and understanding that we received made me feel confident and at ease. Our wedding was definitely less stressful with Claudette around! No issue was too big (or too small!) and she took everything in her stride, working behind the scenes on the day to ensure everything was taken care of.

Our wedding was small and intimate, located at a beach house in Newell Beach, and Claudette ensured all our vendors were organised, took care of last minute dramas and even helped out serving drinks when our wait-staff were inundated! Our favourite part of the day (a “first-look” between ourselves which then allowed us to welcome our families to the ceremony) were Claudette’s idea, and something I would never have thought of.  I would recommend Cairns Wedding Planner to any bride looking at getting married in Far North Queensland- you will be in good hands!”

– Ruhee + David – Married 22nd June 2013 in Newell Beach

“Having Claudette available in the early stages to shoot questions to about photographers etc was1044332_473326649409357_1802981361_n amazing and cut out a lot of time trolling through the Internet. Then to have her there on the day helped make our day perfect. We could relax and enjoy our wedding without any worries. When we saw the reception venue for the first time on our wedding day and saw that it was exactly how we wanted it was the best feeling in the world. No words can describe how grateful we are to you. Our day truly was PERFECT!!!  Thank you so much xo”

– Lauren + Aben Pit – Married 15th June 2013 in Port Douglas

lm_520“Thank you to Claudette for your wonderful assistance with our wedding. You made planning easy and had many great suggestions for us to ensure the day went smoothly and perfectly.

You were so friendly and easy to communicate with. We will forever be grateful for your services. Our wedding was literally perfect.”

– Liesel + Mitchell Day – Married 13th July 2014 in Cairns


“Having a planner, from the place we chose to get married at, was a huge help, we didn’t know the Amanada pastel-675area, have never been there, so was hard to organise from Melbourne, having a planner was the best thing I could have done.

Thank you Claudette for all your help and advise, you made our special day happy, magical and stress free. We can’t thank you enough for a wonderful job.”

– Amanda + Alex – Married 19th July 2014 in Ellis Beach


“To the beautiful Claudette, thank you for absolutely everything you did for us in the lead up to and on our big day. It was funny as my partner questioned my need for a wedding planner when I first booked your services however he was the one who remarked on the day, thank goodness we got Claudette, she was the best money we spent on the whole day. I cannot sign Claudette praises high enough, I only utilised Claudette’s day-of-coordination services and I felt she went above and beyond on all accounts. I was slightly stressed leading up to the big day (hey, what bride isn’t) but on the big day I had nothing to worry about at all. It truely gave me the opportunity to just sit back and enjoy the day. Claudette is so crazy friendly, happy and super organised. If I was to do it all over again I wouldn’t hesitate to book Claudette. She didn’t miss a beat!”

– Tamara + Michael Ortiz – Married 14th June 2014



“We both find it so difficult to fit much more into your busy lifestyles as it is, let alone try to plan our wedding as well. That’s why we are both so grateful we had you there as our wedding planner!

Claudette, you were our wedding day savour! Not only did you do all the lead up research for us, you were also our “wedding therapist” and whenever anything became too much for us to deal with or we couldn’t agree, you were there to coach us through the decisions and disagreements. And when we ran had out of energy and time, you went beyond our expectations and took it upon yourself to run special tasks including last minute personalised decorations. We couldn’t have done it all so well without you!

Throughout the day you were by our sides making sure none of the last minutes details were overlooked – lending the “something borrowed”, straightening the guys ties, touching up my lippy before I walked down the aisle, bringing us champagne after the ceremony, fixing the flower arrangements at reception, making sure our honeymoon suite was beautifully decorated! You were always there in the background to ensure everything ran smoothly.

You have a fantastic flare for style and had loads of great ideas to personalise our day. On top of all that you are just a wonderful person to be around!

It’s because of your attention to detail, caring and thoughtfulness of our own ideas, that we are able to say we had a perfect, faultless wedding day!”

– Nyssa + Bryan Mitchell – Married 18th August 2012 in Cairns


Photographs courtesy of Matthew Evans Photography, Zen Photography